September 30, 2020

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Hello Loves, 

It's been a while. I hope you are doing well and that you have enjoyed every ounce of our blissful summer. Today I wanted to kick things off and begin by writing about sun protection... I know what you are thinking, "Why are you writing a blog post about SPF when we are going into the month of October?" And I know.. It is a little late. BUT I had a little friendly reminder the other day just how important SPF is and I would like to share with you loves what I have rediscovered. 

To start, and I'm sure all of you loves know, we wear SPF to protect our skin from the harmful UVB & UVA rays. But did you know sunscreen does so much more than that? Lets start from the beginning.. 

There are three different types of UV rays, there is: 

UVB = Burning Rays 
UVA = Aging Rays
UVC = Shortest wave lengths, doesn't past the ozone layer

UVB is a ray that you are probably most familiar with. This UV effects the top layer (epidermis) of the skin, causing most sunburns, skin cancer and in extreme cases can cause cellular damage. This ultraviolet light is something that we need to be mindful of year round but UVB rays do tend to be more prominent from the seasons spring to fall, with the time frame of about 10am to 4pm.

UVA is the other harmful ray that you might be familiar with that effects the second layer of the skin called the dermis. This UV effects effects the appearance of the skin penetrating deep, causing long-term skin damage, aging and wrinkles. -- I wanted to touch on this UV in particular because more often then not this UV is overlooked. 

Most individuals (myself included) stop wearing sunscreen when summer has come to an end and the days are getting cooler. This is of no fault to anyone other than the common misconception that the skin can only be damaged on hot, sunny days. This is an incredibly false fact and I want to explain to you, loves, why. UVA rays in particular are prevalent all year round, at all times of the day and can even penetrate through untreated glass (ie: car window). This means that your skin is being exposed to UVA rays all throughout the day, potentially causing skin damage and you wouldn't even know. It is estimated that about 90% of the signs of aging are caused by the sun, which leads me to my next question. If you knew there was a preventative to skin aging, would you take it? 

For me, personally I had to think about this question. Of course, I don't want to have aging skin and end up looking like a wrinkly toad but on the other hand I love being tanned and baking in the sun. UVA is the ray that gives our skin that sun kissed glow... the UV that causes aging. Of course the ray that we love the most (well me anyway) can cause the most prominent skin damage. BUT there is a positive to this note! Wearing sunscreen will protect you from the UV rays AND you can still get a tan!

There is still a very common misconception that wearing sunscreen will prevent the skin from getting tan but let it be known, this is completely false. Wearing sunscreen will not only allow you to achieve that sun kissed glow it will also prevent you from the harmful side effects of sun exposure. Which leads me to the most important part of this message about protective barrier. 

 Did you know that your skincare products are not doing their job efficiently if you're not wearing sunscreen? 

Even though we are moving into cooler days wearing an SPF is like creating a protective barrier for your skin. When SPF is put on as the last layer of your skincare routine it gives your skin a break. What I mean by break is that when an SPF is applied to the skin it allows the products that you have on underneath (ie: serum, moisturizer) to actually do its job instead of just protecting your skin from the daily elements.

This is awesome that skincare formulations are protecting your skin from the daily elements but when an SPF is not applied this is all your skincare routine is doing. I'm sure that you didn't buy that $100 serum to just protect your skin from the daily elements. You bought that serum to help with hydration, aging, brown spots whatever that might be, but this isn't happening without the SPF layer. In our recent IGTV live with Co-Founder Nature Folk Wellness studio, Ashley, she goes onto telling us why SPF is the most important part of our skincare routine and why it is one not to be missed. This is what lead me into writing this blog because sometimes you just need a friendly reminder, yah? 


Use a broad spectrum sunscreen which ensures defense against UVA & UVB rays. Apply at least 1oz liberally and evenly 15 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply immediately after swimming or sweating, and at least every two hours. 

If you are applying sunscreen to your skincare routine make sure that you are applying this as your LAST step. SPF needs to be on the top layer of the skin to ensure optimal results.


Chemical Sunscreens: are technically sun filters. The vast majority of sunscreens on the market contain chemical sunscreen ingredients like avobenzone, oxybenzone or octocrylene. They're called sun filters because they absorb the sun's UV energy and release it back into the air as heat. They are popular because they provide easy, transparent blend ability into the skin but these chemical sunscreens are a big no, no for obvious reasons.

1. Chemical Sunscreens are toxic to us as human beings. To read more about these chemicals avobenzone, oxybenzone or octocrylene here. 

2. Chemical Sunscreens are toxic to aquatic life such as the coral reef and marine life. 

3. More often than not sunscreen comes in a non recyclable plastic tube. 

Mineral Sunscreens: Instead of using chemicals for protection against the sun, mineral sunscreen offers cleaner ingredients such as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Their ingredients are physical particles that sit on the surface of the skin and scatter or reflect sun rays away. Mineral sunscreen is more efficient for many reasons: 

1. Mineral Sunscreen is not toxic to us as human beings.

2. Mineral Sunscreens are not toxic to aquatic life.

3. More often than not clean beauty companies try to source environmentally cautious packaging. 

4. It is a great option for those who have sensitive skin. 

Some mineral sunscreen options available at Urban Daisy are The Perfect Sunscreen and Salt & Stone. 

In regards to this recent blog post and the importance of SPF, I wanted to extend an offer to you loves for 30% off Salt & Stone SPF . If you were looking to try a new, unreal sunscreen, or perhaps have skipped this part of your skincare routine now is a great time to shop. ** If you are shopping online this discount will automatically be applied to your cart and will not show up on the individual item.


I hope that you loves have found this blog post helpful and as always, if I could be of any assistance to you please do not hesitate to reach out. 

Sending much love and light, 

Jacqueline xx





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