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My name is Jacqueline, and I am a loving, high-spirited, Freelance Makeup Artist with a strong passion for natural beauty, well-being, and our environment. Celebrating 12 years of experience working in the industry, I'm happy to be the Maritimes first Natural Makeup Artist. I'm also the proud owner and face behind Urban Daisy Eco-Boutique.

While encouraging a conscious way of living and observing things more holistically, my career entails so much more than the structure of the face. Over the years, the beauty industry has created such standards of perfection, making unattainable goals and causing us to create unhealthy relationships with ourselves. I prefer to move away from this and empower others to have more confidence in themselves while having healthy conversations about beauty instead.


I started Urban Daisy Eco-Boutique because I wanted a place of education and truth. And while education is very important to me, I also love being able to build relationships with each client who comes through my door. It truly is the highlight of my job and I wouldn't have met so many wonderful people if I hadn't started this business! What keeps me going is watching you see positive results and gain more confidence in yourself.

I also offer professional makeup services across the Maritime’s, enhancing your natural beauty, using clean, Canadian cosmetic brands and providing all of my clients with access to high-quality, high-performing makeup and skincare products.

Your face is my canvas that is treated with the utmost care, leaving your skin beautifully radiant while embracing a conscious, mindful approach to beauty. I hope to inspire you and others to approach beauty in a sustainable, ethical way while caring deeply for our well-being and environment. 

I feel it is my duty to educate consumers and provide natural cosmetics and skincare to the Maritimes. Green beauty creates an environmentally-conscious mindset, which encourages a mindful way of livingreducing waste consumption, improving greenhouse gas emissions, and growing the local economy.

Green beauty is a wholesome and responsible way of living, and I truly believe that a movement can be made that creates a healthier planet. Makeup Artistry is my passion but I also love this earth. Together as client and Artist, we can make this world a better placeone toxin-free, earth-friendly product at a time!

Please browse freely and reach out if you have any questions at all! 

With love,