FAT9 Glacial Clay || Complexion Soap

Detox & Nourish | Problem skin | Face & Décolleté

Zyderma is  raising the bar with their FAT9 gentle exfoliating complexion bars for problem skin. Optimally superfatted 9% with Babassu oil, Cupuacu butter & Oat oil. A hypoallergenic and eco-friendly alternative to soaps made with palm, coconut, shea & soy. 


Canadian Glacial Marine Clay: A fine particle, nutrient-rich clay that gently removes dead skin cells and debris. Negatively charged ions draw impurities for a deep clean. Clinically proven to contain 60+ minerals & rare earth elements.

Canadian Organic Maple Syrup (dark): A natural humectant & vegan alternative to manuka honey. Packed with polyphenols, alpha hydroxy & amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins.

Each bar is hand-cut and therefore, an original.