Clean beauty is a growing movement that embraces natural, nourishing and non-toxic ingredients that promotes health and wellness. I hold high standards when it comes to the products that I carry here at Urban Daisy. Simply put, if I'm not comfortable using it on myself or my family, I don't offer it. I'm uncompromising on my quest to find incredible products, searching for quality over quantity. Below is the Urban Daisy's five-step approval process and how not just any product makes it onto the Urban Daisy shelves.



I don't know if you have noticed or not but the cosmetic industry is a little oversaturated. It can be really hard to determine between the good and the bad without spending a pretty dime, and well in this day and age who wants to be wasting their time and money. Well my friends that is why I am here. I am here to ask the awkward questions, to trial and error, simply seeking out the best.

I am continuously looking for the best of clean beauty. I’ve built a tightly curated selection, keeping things very minimalistic and simplistic for my clients. For me to consider adding something to my collection, there has to be a need. When I feel there’s a product missing from my space— one that could be life changing in someone’s routine— I  gather all the information and trial run to find the best in its league.


Step Two: Safety Review

A safety review is unmistakably a must when it comes to green beauty. Because green beauty is on the rise unfortunately comes the rise of green washing so before moving forward to bring any product into the Urban Daisy Boutique, I need to analyze every. single. ingredient. If ANY ingredient appears on my restricted list, I pass. Not only that, I do have to take a deeper dive into where the ingredients are being sourced and if it is being done so sustainability.

This step is key to bringing you the cleanest products on the market.
Our ever-evolving restricted list is the result of years of research. If I ever question an ingredient, I consult the experts: dermatologists, green chemists, naturopathic medicine to ensure that I am putting the best forward. When it comes to your skin, I’ll always put safety first.


 Step Three: Performance Review

This might be a shocker to many of you but I personally test ALL products 4-6 weeks before even considering bringing a brand into the shop. At this stage of the Urban Daisy process approval, a product needs to prove it works. There are SO many brands on the market today but do they actually work? Do they perform like they say they do? Insight of performance the products need to be the whole package, by the whole package I mean does it smell good, have a nice texture, come in sensible packaging— this is a must! And lastly does it get me excited about using it. I’m committed to bringing you the best of the best, and in the end, only about 10% of the products I test make it onto my shelves.


Step Four: Building Personal Relationships

This step is possibly one of the most important steps in the Urban Daisy process approval (not that they are not all very important) but this detail is what binds a partnership and builds a friendship. Once I LOVE a product (and I mean love because if you know me, I cannot sell something that I do not like), I get to know the story behind it, building personal relationships with brands and their creators. It's so important to know where the products are coming from, where the ingredients are being sourced and if they are using ethical practices. When I deem a product safe and effective, I go straight to the source to get a better understanding of the brands process and values. My biggest goal is to ensure that the companies I work with are built with a conscious mindset. I only work with people who are honest and as passionate about green beauty as I am. This is a tight knit community and we are here to support each other as we grow together. 

Step Five: Educate and Share

After much training and research, I launch a product. Once a product is launched I regularly check in on how it's being retrieved in the community (that's you!). Education is SO important when it comes to clean beauty (and well the beauty industry in general) and that is why I am here to share my knowledge with you. I do my best to educate the entire community and am continuously optimizing the assortment found in the boutique, so if a product doesn't live up to my expectations, I'll consider pulling it from the shelves.

Together, we'll learn, grow and move forward in a more mindful approach to beauty. 

Love Jacq, xx