To be Urban Daisy approved, each and every product has to be safe, effective and a luxurious to experience before hitting the shelves. While all this in mind each and every brands morals are very important as well. We’re uncompromising in our quest to find the best products, searching for quality over quantity and we think you should be, too. Here’s our five-step approval process.

S T E P  O N E : Seeking Out The Best. 

We are continuously looking for the best of clean beauty.

We’ve built a tightly curated selection, keeping things very minimalistic and simplistic for our clients.  For us to consider adding something to it, there has to be a need. When we feel there’s a product missing from our space—one that could be a game-changing match in someone’s routine—we gather multiple candidates and trail run to find the best in its league.


S T E P  T W O : Safety Review.

Before moving forward, we analyze every single ingredient. If any appear on our Restricted List, we pass. This is key to bringing out the cleanest products on the market.

Our ever-evolving restricted list is the result of years of research. If we ever question an ingredient, we consult the experts: dermatologists, green chemists, naturopathic medicine to ensure we are putting the best forward. When it comes to your skin, we’ll always put safety first.


S T E P  T H R E E : Performance Review

Jacqueline personally tests products for 4-6 weeks before ever considering bringing the brand into the shop. 

At this stage, a product needs to prove it works. There are so many beautiful brands on the market today but do they actually work? Do they perform like they say they do? Insight of performance the products need to be the whole package, by whole package we mean does it smell good, have a nice texture, come in sensible packaging-- this is a must! , and lastly does it get us excited about using it. We’re committed to bringing you the best of the best, and in the end, only about 10% of the products we test make it onto our shelves.


S T E P  F O U R : Build Personal Relationships

Once we love a product, we get to know the story behind it, building and strengthening our relationships with brands in the process. It's SO important to know where the products are coming from where the ingredients are being sourced and if they are using ethical practices. 

When we deem a product safe and effective, we go straight to its source to get a better understanding of the brands process and values. Our biggest goal is to ensure that the companies we work with are built with a conscious mindset. We only work with people who are honest and as passionate about clean beauty as we are. This is a tight knit community and we support each other as we grow together. 


S T E P  F I V E : Educate & Share

After much training and research we launch a product. Once a product is launched we regularly check in on how it’s being received by our community.

Education is SO important when it comes to clean beauty or just the beauty industry in general so it is important we share our knowledge. We educate our entire community on ingredients, benefits, the brand and usage tips. We’re continuously optimizing our assortment, so if a product doesn’t live up to your expectations, we’ll consider pulling it from our shelves—and starting back at square one. Quality means everything to us as it should to you.