The Ridget Jade Gua Sha

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 The Ridget Jade Gua Sha Stone is a top quality gemstone board designed to support your at home self-care.

A multi-purpose high-quality Xiuyan jade stone board with gentle ridges to help smooth adhesions in the fascia that inhibit the flow of essential nutrients in the skin. The lightweight, travel-friendly and easy-to-use design is safe for all skin types, with no sharp angles or edges.


  • Instantly Firms and Lifts
  • Promote Lymphatic Drainage
  • Renew Facial Contours | Reverse Sagging Skin
  • Diminish Dark Circles | Reduce Puffiness
  • Minimize Appearance of Wrinkles (smoker, mimic and smile lines)
  • Brightens | Promotes Radiant Complexion
  • Reduce Dark Spots | Blemishes and Other Skin Problems

Recommended for: All Skin Types

NOTE: Due to genuine jade quality, characteristics may vary slightly from shades and colours. Please also note I have sourced these tools directly to ensure you are using a top quality gemstones (not a simulant or dyed marble).

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