The Fat 9 Kit || Zyderma

Have a loved one that is struggling with acne? Give the gift of clear skin. This incredible quad is a powerhouse for fighting acne and warding off bacteria.

This fighter pack features:

Clarifying Cream || the unique combination of skin nurturing ingredients and micronized silver helps support the skins healthy appearance, while cleansing the skin of environmental microorganisms.

Konjac Sponge || this sponge is highly absorbent in both water and oils; and, is excellent for gentle daily exfoliation and a thorough cleansing of impurities while respecting the integrity of the stratum corneum for a smoother and radiant looking complexion.

Fat 9 Oat & Zinc Complexion Bar || zyderma is raising the bar with their gentle exfoliating complexion bars for problem skin. optimally superfatted 9% with babassu oil, cupuacu butter & oat oil. a hypoallergenic and eco-friendly alternative to soaps made with palm, coconut, shea & soy.

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